Vertu Ferrari Gold Prestige – A Passionate Luxury Phone For Trend Setters

The luxury phone market is at its boom. This is due to the fact that the mobile users are looking up to this communicating device as a piece of luxury and reflection of their lifestyle and standard. With the advent in technology, several companies are manufacturing designer cell phones for their customers with advanced and innovative features. This allows the elite class people to show off their status in the society. So, if you also value prestige and want to leave ever lasting impression on your family and friends, you have come to the right place. This article is going to provide you all the details regarding Vertu Ferrari Gold Prestige cell phone that is a perfect blend of luxury, style, passion and unique design.

Vertu is a well known brand in the mobile phone industry and is known for its unique crafting and design. Ferrari as everyone knows is the master in manufacturing high speed and designer cars. Both the companies possess excellence in their field and now their collaboration has also resulted in exclusive designer phones that are alluring the customers to a great extent. As the name suggests the Gold Prestige cell phone is fully dipped in gold with the trademarks of both the companies. The amazing leather slip at the back plate enhances the beauty of this outstanding device.

Holding this handset in your hand provides a good feel with an extraordinary level of lavishness. The body of the phone is made up of 24 carat gold. The unique design and smooth curved edges add to its beauty. Titanium is also used in its crafting that enhances its durability and lifespan. This handcrafted showcases the Ferrari logo belofooter-mobilew the keypad and also at the back plate. There is also a Vertu logo at the top of the display screen. These logos offer eye catching attention of others.

Apart from the external build, it is also equipped with some of the outstanding features like 1.3 Mega Pixels camera that provides sharp images and also supports video coverage. The display screen of the handset is 1.6 inches. The buttons of the keypad are crafted with gold and its shine in the sunlight is awesome. You can also use the web services by this phone as it is WAP and GPRS compatible. Therefore, you can fulfill your functional and prestige requirements by purchasing this cell phone.

Due to the luxury and precious materials used in the crafting of this mobile phone, it is likely to be priced high. The market value of this device is $270. But this amount is not much for the ones who value status more than anything. So, hurry up and get this limited edition phone and enhance your lifestyle and level of lavishness.