Versace Introduces a Luxury Phone

Versace is a well known fashion brand that is active in manufacturing designer watches and several other products. Now, this fashion brand has also entered the field of mobile communication and has produced designer cell phones for the opulent class. The technology of these cell phones has been enhanced by the collaboration with the well established mobile company LG that is known in the market for its outstanding cell phones. The latest addition by the combination of these brands is the Versace 2012 that is unique cell phone with regards to design and technology. It is the first luxury touch phone introduced by this brand. The full-featured multimedia and the luxury outlook make it a perfect device for both for personal and functional use. It promises a completely new tactile experience to the users.  You can see some of the inner workings of these on youtube or even market them yourself with an instructional on how to buy subscribers on youtube.

The device is crafted with the finest materials and fulfills the uncompromising standards of Versace. The mobile handset perfectly reflects the unique style of the brand with the use of the timeless symbols. The brand logo that is the medusa head is beautifully engraved at the leather back plate as well how to buy subscribers on youtubeas the bottom of the touch screen. This icon is also the first to appear on the screen when you start operating your cell phone. In addition to the beautiful and eye catching external appearance, it is also equipped with hi-tech technology provided by the LG. It comprises of an original LG KM900 mailboard that supports all the innovative features and multitasking.

The cell phone is handcrafted and reflects a unique design. The large touch screen of the device is made up of magnificent sapphire crystal that is beautifully framed with 18 carat gold finish or stainless steel of 316 L grade. The back of the handset is beautifully wrapped with high quality leather with a medusa head logo embossed on it. The leather is provided with an additional coating that enhances its shine and attractiveness.

The handset is handcrafted and assembled in France. The material used in the crafting of the device is genuine and up to the prescribed standards lay by the company. The touch screen of the handset is manufactured with a single large sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant and incredibly smooth. The handset is user friendly and a single touch or tap on the screen can lead you to your desired function. The touch screen technology by LG allows the users to make ultimate usage of their luxurious device.

The Versace Unique or 2012 cell phone is available in different colors and provides you an opportunity to get the one that perfectly reflects your tastes and lifestyle. This beautiful cell phone is an enhancement to the Versace heritage and you can get it by paying an amount of $378.